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South - North Benin Tour

South - North Benin Tour Packages
DAY 1-2: Cotonou-Ktou-Bohicon - Breakfast - Departure to Ketou - Visit the king's palace - Visit the Akaba Idena museum - Departure to Bohicon - Night DAY3- 4: Dassa-Sav - Breakfast - Visit of local forest - Departure to . .
Country: Benin
City: Cotonou
Duration: 6 Day(s) - 5 Night(s)
Tour Category: Classic Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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Package Itinerary

DAY 1-2: Cotonou-Kétou-Bohicon

- Breakfast
- Departure to Ketou
- Visit the king's palace
- Visit the Akaba Idena museum
- Departure to Bohicon
- Night

DAY3- 4: Dassa-Savè

- Breakfast
- Visit of local forest
- Departure to Save
- Visit the breasts and walk-in Savè
- Night

DAY 5-6: Parakou-Cotonou

- Breakfast
- Back to Cotonou
- Shopping at the Art center
- Departure to Airport

Our Service Includes:

- Accommodation during the stay
- Half board
- Shooting in museums and on sites.
- Bilingual professional guide fees
- Entrance fees to sites

Our Service Excludes:

- The personal expenses

Best Places to Visit in Benin:

A trip to Benin will feel like a true adventure as there is still so much to discover and the country is only just beginning its life as a tourist destination. Benin is a good introduction to Africa as it has it all: great wildlife, great beaches, great people and culture and it caters well to tourists without feeling like a tourist destination.


It may not be the true capital city of Benin but Cotonou sure does feel like it. The city is an intense blast of urban energy combined with African charm. If it is your first time in Africa, the city can be a little bit daunting and full-on but for those willing to risk the adventure, Cotonou has plenty of rewards These rewards include several stunning paradise beaches with golden sand and palm trees. The Pendjari National Park is also a must-see in Cotonou and is seen as one of the leading animal reserves in Africa.


Ouidah is a city that has a mix of influences from the French and the Portuguese due to various events in history. The city is located about 40km away from Cotonou and in contrast, is more relaxed. If you are interested in African history (and you should be) then this city should be top of your itinerary. It has fantastic museums exploring slavery and voodoo. If all the history gets too much for you, there are more stunning beaches to laze on in Ouidah too.

Porto Novo

Porto Novo is the capital city of Benin and the former French capital of Dahomey. If you have visited Cotonou first, you will probably struggle to understand why Porto Novo is the official capital city, The population is only around 250,000 and the pace is much more leisurely than Cotonou. The influence of the Portuguese in this area is still clear to see in the present day.


Abomey was the capital of Ancient Dahomey for around 300 years starting in the 17th Century. The main attraction and reason for visiting the city is the Unesco World Heritage Site of the Abomey Royal Palaces. Although the palaces have largely been destroyed and are in a ruinous state, the site still has enormous historical value and the tales of kings who once resided here are fascinating.


The town of Grand-Popo has an intriguing history mainly due to the important role it played in the slave trade. The town oozes with African charm and the people are friendly. The town is about an hour's drive from Cotonou and offers a perfect change of pace from the busy city. There are many backside hotels and resorts in the town and the beaches are a great place to relax and swim. The nearby Mono River is a great place to walk and offers a chance to see mangroves and exotic birdlife.

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