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Visit Museums Kétou Tour

Visit Museums Kétou Tour Packages
Country: Benin
City: Ketou
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

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Museum tour of Kétou

Kétou (or Ketu) is a city in south-eastern Benin, located in the extreme north of the Plateau department. It is the capital of the eponymous city, which includes 28 villages. A city that has become famous thanks to the magic door. This heritage infrastructure is located near the Royal Palace, in an area that has retained its traditional appearance. we discover several multicolored sculptures made on wooden poles supporting the roofs of the two inner courtyards of "Akaba Idenan".

08h30: Departure from Cotonou to Kétou, where the visit will begin with the royal palace where the King continues to live, then the museum the Magical Gate male and female Akaba idennan. the visit continues with the coral rubbish of Ita Nla, this site is unique, and also important to be visited. it is one of the principal divinities, through which the story of Ketou can be traced.

These filths serve to protect the city of Ketou against the attackers. the site is located not far from the Royal Palace, and this allows you to discover any other ceremony happening in the city. Lunch at the Résidence Céline hotel at the beginning of the afternoon. The visit will be closed by masks Guèlèdè dance.

The Met’s Galleries :

The Met’s galleries devoted to the art of sub-Saharan Africa, the ancient Americas, and Oceania were inaugurated in 1982. At the time, their opening marked a radical expansion of the cultural achievements recognized by the Museum. Since then, we have witnessed a surge in transformative and expanded art historical studies on the vast areas of world art these galleries embrace. Those advances of the last thirty-eight years have in turn sparked a reenvisioning of this global crossroads within the Museum.

In Akan culture, the term Sankofa refers to a quest for knowledge, which is visualized as a bird with feet planted forward and head turned backward. Likewise, this project involves a critical examination of the past as a guide for renewal. Developed over the last four years with WHY Architects, the initiative will begin to manifest in January 2021 with the de-installation of the existing Oceanic art galleries.

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