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Tour Sites Zinvié

Tour Sites Zinvié Packages
Country: Benin
City: Zinvie
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

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Museum Tour of Zinvié

8.30 am Departure from Cotonou for Zinvié and reception by the Regional Center for Research and Education for Integrated Development.

Here the visitor will be in two phases:

- The site of SITATUNGA Valley, the object of the tourist output, several sites will be visited. We can mention the Animal Refuge consisting of the fish and rodents room, the Reptilarium, the field of plant production, the composting center, the field of fish farming, the shop of the site, or the waste house. Several species have been discovered such as electric fish, Kitampo's squirrel, Gambian rat, false elephant fish, grouchy fish, grasscutter, king phyton, viper, tortoise, water turtle, and sea turtle. aquatic antelope called "SITATUNGA" which serves as the name of the valley.

- Visit the Panther Forest (kpotomè).

Explore More About Zinvie:

Zinvié is a town and arrondissement in the Atlantique Department of southern Benin. It is an administrative division under the jurisdiction of the commune of Abomey-Calavi.

About Benin Geography and Climate:

A range of mountains extends along the northwest border and into Togo; these are the Atacora. The highest point, Mont Sokbaro, is at 658 m (2,159 ft). Benin has fields, mangroves, and remnants of forests. In the rest of the country, the savanna is covered with thorny scrub and dotted with baobab trees. Some forests line the banks of rivers.

In the north and the northwest of Benin, the Reserve du W du Niger and Pendjari National Park have elephants, lions, antelopes, hippos, and monkeys. Pendjari National Park together with the bordering Parks Arli and W in Burkina Faso and Niger are among the strongholds for the endangered West African lion. With an estimated 356 (range: 246–466) lions, W-Arli-Pendjari harbors the largest remaining population of lions in West Africa. Historically Benin has served as a habitat for the endangered painted hunting dog, Lycaon pictus; this canid is thought to have been locally extirpated.

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