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The Gaani Feast In Benin

Nikki, Benin

How is the Gaani going and what are the steps?
The Gaani remains an important holiday for the Baatonu. For his preparations, the king made a tour of the province chiefs a month in advance to collect their contributions. Then, one to two weeks after this visit of the king, it will be the Donkonrou festival (the jet of fire) which devotes sacrifices and ceremonies necessary so that everything takes place in the best possible conditions. On the eve of the feast, the sacred drums are installed with a small lamp whose mission is to watch them all night long.

2nd step
The second day of the festival will be devoted to Kayessi which is nothing more than the meeting of kings, a kind of ceremony of allegiance to Sinaboko. Places will be made thereafter to dance folk groups to the rhythm of songs of griots and sacred drums to close the party. But note that a week later, the Gnonkogui organizes her Gaani during which she continues shaving with the support of wasankpè and the baptism of wassangari princes. The other kingdoms are allowed to hold the Gaani but within two weeks after Nikki's.


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NOTE: Period of the festivities: from mid-December to mid-January. For all visits, please contact us for a package in the festivities period.

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