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Country Of Vodun

Ouidah, Benin

What is vodun ?
Vodun is a religion like any other, it is neither dangerous nor violent!
The vodun is composed of several cults of different vodun (divinities), like sakpata (earth vodun) or hebiosso (vodun of the lightning). All vodun cults have their Adepts, the vodunsis, and their priests, the vodunons.

What is the relationship between men and voduns?

To communicate with the vodun it is necessary to use the fa, one of the most complicated oracles of Africa, which is controlled by the bokonon, the loan of fa.
The vodun and the ancestors must be healed and solicited by offerings such as corn flour, red oil, alcohol or the blood of a chicken or a goat.
Beside the various cults of vodun there are also the secret societies, like the engungun (the ghosts, spirits of the dead) or the zang-beto (the guardians of the night)


Where can we cross the vodun?
Vodun is a religion that can easily be found in everyday life, for example on vodun places and ceremony throughout towns and villages. At public ceremonies such as egungun demonstrations; or during cultural events tours, organized by the Tourist Office of Abomey and region.

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