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Boukoumbe, Benin

It is located in North-Western Benin and it’s known for its market, whipping ceremony and tradition of pipe making. If you are a true lover of culture and want to witness a diverse culture, then Boukoumbe town is a must-visit.

Apart from its impressive market and culture, it is close to Mount Kousso-Kovangou which is the highest point in Benin. Some interesting things about Boukoumbe also are the tata somnbas, the traditional two-story castle-like building which was originally built and inhabited by the Dita Mari people.

The tata sombas are like mud houses which are built like a fortress with thatched roofs to protect habitats from wild animals or intruders while the sombas are tribal names given to the residents living in the region of Atacora in Benin. The name Tata Somba is simply fortresses built to protect the Somba people.

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