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Azalaï Hôtel De La Plage

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Luxury beachfront accommodation in Cotonou business district

Welcome to the hotel Azalaï Beach, the first partnership establishment for the realization of the de facto capital of Benin. Business travelers and international tourists to West Africa use the equitable family name for friendly hospitality, modern facilities and reliable service. Following this tradition, we are proposing a new type of 4-star accommodation for West Africa and the Gulf of Guinea.

Whether you are here for a few days or several weeks, your stay in our hotel will be stress-free and uncomfortable. Azalaï Hotel de la Plage is located in the business district of Cotonou, just 10 minutes drive from Cotonou Airport Cadjehoun. It is close to embassies, government offices and attractions, including the craft center and Fidjrosse Beach.

With state-of-the-art conference facilities or reliable high-speed Wi-Fi in 120 luxurious rooms, the Azalaï de la Plage hotel stands apart from other hotels in the region with its full range of modern amenities. as much (or as) as you want in this comfortably equipped space. Keep the line in the fitness center; Looking for a relaxing spa treatment at the hotel; Or relax on a lounger by the pool with a book in hand and a Snack Oasis cocktail by your side. All this is enhanced by a full range of facilities and West African hospitality.

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